Ferny Hills Club Results

November 2021 Black Belt grading results

In November this year the Ferny Hills Club held another Black Belt grading. Congratulations to the following club members who successfully graded:

  • Steve Muller – 4th Dan
  • Khris Bust – 3rd Dan
  • Holden Ballinger – 2nd Dan
  • Conan Doherty – 2nd Dan
  • Jack Sennitt – 2nd Dan
  • Mark Sennitt – 2nd Dan
  • Eabha Doherty – 1st Poom

A selection of photos and videos from the grading can be viewed on our Facebook page in the coming days. You can also view the full gallery of photos and videos from this event via this link (Google Drive).

Congratulations to all on your hard work and dedication.

– Master Rob

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