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We are a friendly, welcoming club that offers Taekwondo, self defence and dynamic tournament training for people of all ages and abilities. We also offer professional development for officials and pathways to competition.

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What is taekwondo?

Taekwondo has evolved from a humble folk game and form of unarmed combat now as Subakhi, which was practised among monks and warriors in the late 4th Century. There are two main styles in Taekwondo: traditional and sports.

Traditional Taekwondo teaches fundamental stances, blocks, punches, strikes and kicks with the highly specialised training for competition sparring and poomse (patterns). Self-defence techniques are taught to teach simple, effective blocks, holds and takedowns, and may involve the hands and feet as well as weapons.

Sports Taekwondo seeks to combine the influences of traditional Taekwondo with the challenge and excitement of competition and the science behind the development of elite athletes seeking excellence in the sport.

In 1972, Grand Master Yong Dai Cho established what is now Cho’s Taekwondo Academy in Australia.